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Published on May 15th, 2016 | by Find Internet Services


Comcast Testing New Gigabit + Internet Speed

Comcast is looking to step up their game versus their competitors. Specifically Google Fiber which is available in select cities around the United States. What Comcast has set out to do is offer a cable service package that would have speeds over 1 Gigabit per second and out perform the Fiber competitor as the leading internet speed in the United States.

Obviously this would require new modem technology to be developed ans well and in home infrastructure to be updated with new state of the art technology to better provide this extremely fast connection for consumers in their home!

This will also include major updates to the existing Comcast network and puts them on a target to complete upgrades to the network in the next 2-3- years according to corporate spokesmen.

The interesting thing about this new service is that it would allow these extremely fast speeds to be delivered to homes that do not have fiber installed. This will be interesting to see how this works but could be a game changer for Comcast if they are able to pull it off for existing customers and quickly follow suite by updating and install new tech into the increasing amount of new homes across the country that are signing up for internet service.

Even though many companies are trying to provide faster Internet service, actual speeds can be much slower if websites don’t speed up the delivery of their data.

Gigabit speed is the nest step for all cable internet providers. With Google paving the way with their fiber startup, the current providers are being pushed into new innovation and speeds that only make AT&T and Comcast much better companies to receive top service from as they all target the Gigabit barrier.

Let’s just say streaming TV shows is about to get really fast!

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